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The Youngest Case of Mortgage Fraud?!

I recently found a video I had recorded of my youngest daughter at age three, coming into my office and asking for money. 

I jokingly called it the youngest case of mortgage fraud, since she used a fake name and fake employment. 

(Click the image above - it will lead you to the short clip)

I recorded that video 11 years ago! 

I share this for two reasons. 

First, I can’t believe how fast my kids are growing up, and it makes me kind of sad. :( 

Second, it made me realize just how far we have come in technology in the past decade. 

I shot this video on a flip video camera, downloaded it to my computer to edit it, and then published it on YouTube. 

Today, it has never been easier to create, edit, and publish video content. In fact, I recently started to create short tactical videos that I share on Instagram. 

You can check them out below: 

Watching the video of my daughter has me wishing I could tell my younger self two things: 

  1. Record more videos of your kids; and 

  2. Start creating video content for your business sooner. 


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