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5 Tactics to Double Your Google Reviews

When I was in Orlando recently for a mastermind event, I noticed numerous billboards bearing photos of smiling injury lawyers, alongside the dollar amount of how much money they had won for their clients. 

There were dozens of these billboards, each with a different lawyer displayed beside a large dollar figure.

I found myself searching for the “Tom Brady” of injury lawyers—looking to see which lawyer had made the most money for their clients.  

As I thought about this later, I realized that the billboards were just a bizarre form of social proof. 

The billboards were essentially saying, “If you get in an accident, I can get you money.” 

Advertising like this can be effective because, as herd animals, we humans tend to seek social proof, to help us make decisions. 

One of the easiest ways a mortgage broker can harness social proof is through Google reviews. 

However, I can’t tell you how many top brokers I have met who have no Google review plan for  their business. They may have funded over a thousand mortgages, but when you do a Google search for them, you would never know it. 

I believe this is a huge mistake. 

In this week’s 10-minute tactical podcast, I share five tactics you can use, to double your Google reviews. 


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