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Don’t Sell Your Book of Business Until You Listen To This

In 2018, I decided to sell my mortgage business. Usually, when brokers sell a book of business, they are really only selling a list of names, and maybe a few referral partners. 

I had three serious buyers, one of whom offered me $100,000 for my client list. To this day, I am so grateful that, instead of taking that offer, I decided to find a young, up-and-coming mortgage broker, and sell them my mortgage business over time. 

I ended up working out a deal with Jewels Ferris, and was able to earn $500,000 over four years instead of a one-time amount of $100,000. 

That decision was far better for me, for Jewels, and for my clients. If you are at the stage in your career where you are looking for the exit, do NOT sell your business until you listen to this short podcast that I recently recorded. On it, I break down everything I have since learned, and the changes I would now make that would have increased my profit by another $250,000. (Yes, you read that right.) 


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