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Who is the #1 priority in your mortgage business?

I recently posted a survey in our ILMB Facebook group, asking “Who is the # 1 priority in your mortgage business—the borrower, the lender, or the referral source?”

While the answer may seem obvious—the borrower—I have talked to a few top producers who do not think the client is their number one priority. 

Here are the results of that survey:

I know one top producer who treats his lender partner as his # 1 priority, and will even put his client on hold while he answers a call from his lender!

At first, this sounded crazy to me, but his reasoning actually made a lot of sense—and because he gets a lot of exceptions with his lender partners as a result, he is able to serve his clients better. 

I also know other top producers who treat their referral source as their priority. 

When you start to look under the hood of some of the biggest producers, the “obvious answer” to my survey becomes not quite so obvious. 

In last week's short tactical podcast, I break down three things that top producers are doing that you may, or may not, be doing. 


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