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The Replacement Ladder for Mortgage Brokers

I once paid $10 a minute for advice on how to run better live events. 

I used a company called Clarity. With Clarity, you could book a call with an expert on various topics, ask them anything you wanted, and pay them by the minute to answer your question. 

I thought it was a clever business idea. 

That company was founded, and eventually sold, by a serial entrepreneur named Dan Martell. As a fellow east coast Canadian, I have followed Dan’s career over the years, and have watched him continue to build bigger and better companies since Clarity. 

A few months ago, I read his book, Buy Back Your Time, which shares Dan’s framework for how to reclaim your freedom and build your own empire. I love frameworks, as they help simplify ideas and concepts.

One of the concepts from Dan’s book is what he called the “replacement ladder.” 

Now, I’ve been coaching brokers for years on how to replace themselves. So after reading Dan’s book, I combined his framework with my coaching expertise to create a program called the “Replacement Ladder for Mortgage Brokers.”To see how it works, check out my 10-minute podcast below. 

For the record, the $10-a-minute phone call was a steal, as it led to the creation of our Broker Talks events. 

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