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What is the best gift to give a realtor, to get referrals?

A few years ago, I was working with a client who had sold their home, and was trying to decide whether to buy a new home or move her family to Hawaii for a year. 

Now, it would have been tempting for me to point out the financial benefits of staying in the housing market, and to use spreadsheets and graphs to show how much equity they stood to lose. However, the reality is that we don't make decisions based just on spreadsheets.

This was a unique opportunity—for my client, her husband, and young kids to spend a year in Hawaii.

As the father of three teenagers, I can tell you that those childhood years seem to fly by.

Instead of building my case for the lost equity, I decided to buy her a gift that would be appreciated no matter what she decided.

I bought her a book on things to do with kids in Hawaii.

I included a note: “I saw this and thought of our discussion. Good luck on your decision. I will be here for you, no matter what you decide.” 

As it turned out, they decided not to buy, and went to live in Hawaii for a year.

One year later, she called to say they were back, and were now ready to buy.

I ended up doing that mortgage, and multiple mortgages for her and her entire family.

This was because I played the long game, and gave a personalized gift that created a moment of “wow” for my client.

To make a positive impression, gifts need to be three things: 

  1. Personalized

  2. Unexpected 

  3. Timely 

In a Facebook group, I saw the question asked, “What is the best gift to give your realtor partners?” 

I have recorded a 10-minute tactical episode where I break this down. I also show you how gifting—when done right—can reduce your number of rate shoppers, lower your chance of losing files halfway through the process, and decrease the number of appraisals you have to pay for. 

Gifting, when done well, can be very powerful. Check out the latest episode below. 


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