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What is Better for Generating Leads, Phone Calls or DMs?

I have a confession to make.

When COVID first shut down the world, I didn’t really think it was that serious. In fact, the day the kids were sent home from school, I didn’t want them under my feet so I gave them a city transit challenge. 

Yeah, not my proudest parenting moment. 

I bought them bus passes and told them they had to use the transit system in order to travel around town and send me pictures of various locations.

As a reward, I would give each of them some money to go shopping with. 

The idea was to teach them the skill of navigating the bus system—and it worked. 

I have always found that a challenge, with a reward, has been a great way to motivate my kids to develop a new skill. 

I have done a version of this several times in my mortgage career. One of the most successful challenges we created was what we called the “Game of Phones.”

It was designed to help us make phone calls; something we all know we should do but often find reasons not to. 

The Game of Phones worked so well that, when I began hearing about brokers using DMs to generate leads, I was convinced that there is no way DMs were better than making calls. 

When we recently ran a 30-day Game of Phones challenge with 32 brokers, we decided to add in the DMs as an option. 

In my podcast this week, I break down what I learned from this little experiment. The 32 brokers  completed 2,527 DMs and 2,388 phone calls, and generated 222 leads.

I was convinced that the phone calls would crush DMs, but I was wrong. 

To hear the details—and learn two tactics that you can apply to DMs or phone calls—check out my latest podcast. 

PS If you want to participate in my next Game of Phones challenge (open to brokers from all networks), you can get on the waitlist here.  


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