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How to Find and Convert Financial Advisors

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 

When my kids were young, we used to play a game that we called, “Pick Just One Superpower.” 

My eldest daughter would usually choose telekinesis, so she could move objects with her mind. 

My son would want to be strong like The Hulk, and my youngest daughter would choose the ability to fly. 

Then, when I asked, “Who would be the strongest?” they would state their arguments for why their superpower was the best. 

They changed their answers from time to time, but until recently, my choice of superpower never varied.

I would always say, “I want mind control, so I can control all the other superheroes.” 

This would cause the game to descend into them each demanding a second super power, and promptly adding the ability to resist mind control. 

The game used to drive my wife crazy, but I thought it was hilarious. 

I have even asked this question of staff and colleagues, as I find that their answers can reveal a lot about their personality and drive. 

I thought mind control was the best answer until the day I asked one of our staff what superpower she would choose, and she replied, “Wisdom.” 

I thought, “Dang, I think she just checkmated me!”

I realized that wisdom is better than mind control because it is the ability to know the right action to take, or decision to make. 

That would be the ultimate superpower. 

I share this because I hear a lot of mortgage brokers saying they want to generate referrals from financial advisors. 

I think it is wise to diversify and expand your referral partners. 

However, how do you find the good financial advisors, how do you then convert them, and how do you ensure that the relationship is working for you? 

This week, on my tactical podcast, I share:

  • 3 Value-adds you can use to convert FAs

  • 2 Simple places to find the best FAs

  • 1 Tweak you need to make, to ensure that the relationship is profitable. 

You can check out the episode below:  


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