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3 Tactics for Saving 1 Hour a Day on Email

I love technology, at least sometimes. 

Recently, I was looking for a tail light bulb for my car. I went to Canadian Tire, where I saw a long lineup of people waiting at the “help desk.” 

I decided to head to the aisle with the car light bulbs and take my chances on whether I could actually find the correct bulb.

It turns out, there was an iPad in that aisle, where you could enter the year, make, and model of your car to find out what bulb you needed to buy. 

This was cool, but it wasn’t even the best part. 

Instead of simply telling you to look for Bulb EA527, there was also a light above the actual bulb on the shelf, that would blink to let you know to choose this bulb! 

Amazing, right? 

This is an example of how technology—when it’s done right—can save us time. 

However, with some technology, it seems that the longer we have it, the more of our time it actually takes. 

Take email, for instance. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average worker spends about 2.6 hours a day on email! 

I’m willing to bet that most mortgage brokers spend that, and more. 

Email has become a way for strangers to put things on your to-do list. I personally have a love/hate relationship with email. 

I mostly love to hate it. 

As mortgage brokers, we can’t eliminate it. Over the years, however, I have seen some very clever ways to reduce the time spent on email. I decided to record a short episode, explaining three of those tactics that, if you apply, will save you hours on email.

If you want to reduce your time spent on email, check out my latest episode below. 

I have incorporated these three tactics into my business, and now personally spend less than two hours a week on email. 

I hope you find them helpful. 

PS. This episode is part of a new series I am doing, called “Tactical Ten.” Every Friday, I will release a new, 10-minute podcast, where I share one tactic that you can apply to your mortgage business.


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